Electrical Services

Bosch Premium Quality Fuel Injection Components
Air Flow Meters and
Air Mass Sensors
Idle Speed Stabilizers
Auxiliary Air Valves Knock Sensors
Cold Start Valves Pressure Regulators
Electronic Control Units Temperature Sensors
Fuel Distributors Throttle Switches
Fuel Injectors Warm-up Regulators

(Robert Bosch)

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Cole Hersee


Duceillier, Hitachi, Marelli, Mitsubishi,
Paris-Rhone & SEV/Marchal

Leece-Neville , Loadhandler
(formerly Motorola) & Trek-Star Instruments "Loadhandler"
(formerly Motorola)



United Technologies Electro Systems
(formery American Bosch)


We offer a complete line please call for more details.


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